The ‘Green Google’ Alternative

“Google it!” I used to say a few times a week, but no longer…


Because I’ve just discovered an amazing green search engine called Ecosia.

They’re a B Corporation (the equivalent of Fair Trade certification) German company that uses the money they earn from ads to plant trees. Literally millions of trees. They’ve planted 4.7 million so far!

I’ve made Ecosia my default search engine. It’s such a simple change to make. I’ve been using it for a week and, while I admit it’s not quite as perfect as Google (it’s powered by Bing and Yahoo because Google didn’t want to partner with a “charitable” company), it’s still fantastic for most searches and totally worth the change.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always hop back onto Google after planting a tree.

Ecosia even displays how many trees you’ve planted with a cute little tree counter in the top corner.

It’s amazing to think that if Ecosia had as many users as Google, they would have the power to end deforestation.


New Eco Bags

Introducing a few new designs to my eco tote bag collection…

These bags are ethically made from 100% recycled materials, including plastic bottles and organic cotton.

My nature-inspired ink drawings are digitally printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks.

Explore the full eco range.

IMG_9747photoshopped IMG_9764photoshopped IMG_9735photoshopped_1 IMG_9762photoshopped

Explore the full eco range.

Eco T-shirts Gallery

My favourite images from the recent photo shoot!

These t-shirts are 100% recycled, made from plastic bottles and organic cotton.

Explore the full eco range.



Explore the full eco range.

Ethical Finds

This week, I want to focus in on my new favourite online shop, Shelf/Life.

Today, I am going to start my weekly Ethical Finds blog. I spend (perhaps waste?) a lot of time trawling the internet for fair trade/ethical/environmentally friendly clothes, gifts, art etc. There is something very special about these items as they often have a good story to tell about the maker or designer. There are some wonderful people out there, getting creative with where they source their materials from, often recycling in amazing ways and doing unexpectedly beautiful things. So I thought I’d share a few finds every week. This week, I want to focus in on my new favourite online shop, Shelf/Life. They offer homewares made by a variety of ethical brands from around the world. Perusing their shop is like stepping into a cohesive, bright and often surprising space full of creative treasures. The curating is impeccable. Enjoy my selection and I hope it inspires you :-) Ethical Finds 18Sept Owl Trio by Petit Collage, art print on sustainably harvested maple veneer, $25 / Floralware medium oval bowl 05 by Eucalypt Homewares, handcrafted ceramic bowl, $65 / Metsa fabric per metre by Kauniste, screen printed in Finland using water based inks and traditional printing techniques, $52Let’s Get Lost poster by Oh My Home, poster printed in the Netherlands using thick high quality paper, $58Stone storage basket – round by Bookhou, screen-printed with a design drawn by hand, handmade in Toronto, Canada, $28 / Lace tiny dish – square by Kim Wallace Ceramics, tiny ceramic dishes imprinted with a vintage lace pattern, made by hand in Australia, $14

Visit Shelf/Life to see all the beautiful products.

Recycled Tote Bags

A few months ago, a friend recommended an eco-friendly + fair trade company called OCC – they print on a variety of ethical clothing and bags made by various companies.

As soon as I came across the UK company Salvage I fell in love with their ethics and innovative recycling ideas!


They salvage waste cuttings from organic cotton clothing and blend them with recycled plastic bottles. I was so intrigued I just had to buy their tote bags and get printing!


The bags are really strong and, most importantly, look and feel beautiful. Visit my Etsy shop to view my tote bag collection.


Salvage also make great looking t-shirts – I’ve just ordered some samples so stay tuned!