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Cliffwatcher is the creative home of Sydney artist Katie Sharpe. She sells her whimsical drawings printed on her own handmade paper, and fairtrade, organic t-shirts made from recycled plastic bottles.

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The name ‘Cliffwatcher’ comes from a narrative poem my Uncle, David Sharpe, published in 1974. The poem tells of his experiences living as a hermit in the remote Australian wilderness and features a beautiful gum tree he calls ‘Cliffwatcher’, which grows on the side of a cliff near his cave. I never met my Uncle, who died before I was born, but this wise and beautiful poem has allowed me to forge a connection with him regardless…

On the High Cliff’s edge next the waterfall,
an old silver gum spread its life;
I called it Cliffwatcher,
and we climbed long to seek its help.
As Phoenix sharpened his claws
by way of greeting,
I knelt beside the silky trunk
and listened for the wisdom
of Cliffwatcher’s stately growth…

– David Sharpe, In the Eye of a Hermit (1974)